Taking the Plunge

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I have a history of being a late bloomer when it comes to new technologies and media. For years, I insisted I was too old for Facebook. Now, hardly a day goes by when I don’t check my Wall at least once, appreciating how it keeps me connected with friends.

When my husband first purchased an IPhone, I insisted that a phone was just for talking with people. My resolve quickly faltered though, when I discovered how handy it was to check email, look up directions, and search for restaurants on the go.

So, when the recent announcement was made introducing Google+, I decided it was time for me to go from reluctant adopter to early adopter. To stop focusing on why something was not valuable or necessary, and to open up to the possibilities of how it might be fun or interesting.

Google plus

Like blogger Becky Robinson, I worry about fitting another social network into my life. Is there room for Facebook and Google+? Does it even make sense to be active in both? Am I setting myself up for early adopter grief if I invest time and energy into creating my Google+ Circles only to have the network fail?

I have lots of questions and very few answers. But, I’m determined to enjoy the ride, no matter how long it lasts. As one of my handful of Google+ connections pointed out, we early adopters will be able to look back years from now and say, “remember when…”

In this final post for my blog project, I would like to offer sincere gratitude to all who have supported me by reading and commenting each week.



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11 Responses to “Taking the Plunge”

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I have enjoyed your blog. I am undecided about Google + because I don’t think I have or desire the time to deal with two separate social networks. I am always behind the technological curve, so this is no surprise. Have fun

Thanks for reading, Liane! For the time being, I’m not doing a whole lot with Google+ other than creating my Circles. With this class ending though, I should have a little more time to figure out how the other features work!

I’m with you on the Google + thing… at first it seemed like a cool idea, but I really don’t want to mess with a new social network–I’m content with Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, we’ll see how it all turns out. It seems like lots of people are joining, but those in my circles are not very active on it.

Joyce, I know we are older than some of the students but that means we come with more history and it IS harder to change! But the beauty of the communications professional (and the IMC student) is that we are curious and we can’t stand to be left out! I applaud your leaps, and I am striving to do more myself! “See” you in class soon, and enjoy your break!

Thanks for the comment, Lisa! Enjoy your time off!

The initial release of most products requires a clean up effort. I believe early adopters enjoy ‘tinkering’ with new things and trying to make it better. Those individuals will always make time to try something new. The rest of us are satisfied with what we have and chose to spend our available time elsewhere. That is until the social pressures are great enough for us to adopt the new technology.
I too have enjoyed your posts and wish you the best! Dann

I think you’re right that there are those who love to be the beta testers. I’m not typically in that group, so we’ll see how this goes! Thanks for following along with the blog!

Congratulations on the transformation to early adopter! I admire early adopters because they often step out of their comfort zone and invest time and effort to find better ways of doing things. If it wasn’t for early adopters, like yourself, many great ideas and inventions will either have died or taken much longer to mature. Where would Facebook, DVD players, hybrid/electric vehicles, etc, be today without the early adopters?
If Google+ has great features/usability the early adopters will evangelize it and Facebook will have competition.

Forgot to log in… I’m Mr Anonymous.

Great points! Also, if Google is smart, it will listen to feedback from its early adopters to improve the product before it gets to the mainstream. As Facebook is notorious for poor customer service, Google has an opportunity to win over consumers in this area.

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